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<seo title="Marenostrum - Main Page" titlemode="replace" keywords="history,mankind,humanity" description="A summary of the history of mankind, starting with ancient times to the present"></seo>
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The history of mankind is exciting and allows us to understand our present.
This website is a project that aims to summarize in a simple and accessible way history. It is written for someone like you who wants to know our past. Simple and understandable language explains the main features of each era.Please visit our [[Sitemap]]
{| class==Prehistory=="wikitable"[[Prehistory]] is the period of time that comes from the evolution of early hominid ancestors of modern Homo Sapiens until the appearance of the first written records that humans left on Earth. So it is the period in which humanity was only able to transmit their knowledge from generation to generation orally.! '''RANDOM POSTS'''|-==Ancient Egypt ==[[File:Head Great Sphinx of Giza.JPG|thumb|Head of the Great Sphinx of Giza|right]]Who has not at some time been attracted by the fascination of Ancient Egypt, pyramids, temples and hieroglyphic writing.<br />[[Ancient Egypt]]<br />[[Main Egyptian Gods]]<br />[[Main egyptian pharaohs]]<br />[[Main temples of Ancient Egypt]]<br />[[The language of Ancient Egypt]]<br />[[Nile river]]   random limit="12" columns=Ancient Mesopotamia ==Sumeria can be considered as the oldest civilization in the world<br "2" />[[Ancient Mesopotamia]]<br /> ==Ancient Greece ==Greece is one of the great countries that transcended its borders and influenced the history of mankind<br /> [[Main greek gods]]<br /> ==Ancient Rome ==Rome dominated all nations that bathes the Mediterranean Sea.<br /> [[Ancient Rome]]<br />[[Main roman gods]]<br />|}
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