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<seo title = "The Palaeolithic - Marenostrum" titlemode = "replace" keywords = "stages, Palaeolithic,prehistory"
Description = "The Paleolithic, its stages and a summary of the most ancient stage of mankind." ></seo>
The Paleolithic is the stage most ancient and long stage of history of humanity. The men were nomadic and devoted to gathering and hunting. They had to adapt to several important variations in [[Climate changes during the climatePaleolithic|weather changes]].
The denomination that geology gives to this time period is Quaternary or Pleistocene. Thanks to the research of geology we know that there were great [[Climate changes during the PaleolithicoPaleolithic|weather changes]] during this period: are those known as alternation between glacial and interglacial periods. These changes in climate forced early humans to continuous adaptations to the environment. They favored migrations and the development of techniques for survival.
The archaeological sources that we can use to study the Paleolithic are:

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