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[[es:El Paleolítico en la Era Cuaternaria o Pleistoceno]]
<seo title = "The Palaeolithic Paleolithic - Marenostrum" titlemode = "replace" keywords = "stages, PalaeolithicPaleolithic,prehistory"
Description = "The Paleolithic, its stages and a summary of the most ancient stage of mankind." ></seo>
The Paleolithic is the most ancient and long stage of [[Prehistory]] of Mankind. The men were nomadic and devoted to gathering and hunting. They had to adapt to several important [[Climate changes during the Paleolithic|weather changes]].
The archaeological sources that we can use to study the Paleolithic are:
* [[Paleolithic human fossils|'''Human fossils''']]. Different You should differentiate different races, must differentiate its location in geography and of course the temporary space in which they lived.* [[Instruments or tools made by man during the Paleolithic|'''Tools and instruments''']] that have been recovered, usually made of stone or bone allows allow us to get to know every each human species, their behavior behaviour and skills.* [[Art of the Paleolithic|'''Art''']] who that were created the by human populations of the Paleolithic. Its Their purpose is always in discussion, but there is no doubt that of about the artistic genius of many of the creators of the works that have come down to us.
During the Paleolithic man was transformed as a speciesspecie, evolved from the forms more primitive forms similar to primates and gradually acquired the characteristics of modern man. It is the time of mankind more difficult to interpret and study, because the information that reaches us makes it fragmented. It's like having a great book that where we can only read small fragments which should be sufficient to know our history.
= The Paleolithic stage stages =Traditionally are Paleolihic has been separated in three stages based on the type of tools and supplies that archaeology has unearthed Paleolithic in three stages:
== Lower Palaeolithic Paleolithic ==It is the oldest stage, including the culture Culture of pebblesPebbles, the Acheliense Acheulean culture and Abbevillian and the Clactonian culture. It's the first steps in the techniques of transformation of the stone tools.
== Middle Palaeolithic Paleolithic ==It is formed mainly by the mousterian Mousterian culture.
== Upper Paleolithic ==

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