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Ancient Egypt

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[[File:Cheops-Chephren.JPG|thumb|Chephren and Cheops pyramids|right]]
Ancient Egypt was one of the most splendid ancient civilizations that settled in the Valley and the Delta of the [[Nileriver|Nile]], and during different periods extended its influence from ancient [[Ancient Mesopotamia ]] to the fourth cataract of the [[Nile river|Nile].
Geographically Ancient Egypt is divided into:
* Lower Egypt to the north in the [[Nile river|Nile] Delta* Upper Egypt south in the [[Nile river|Nile ] Valley.
Chronologically Egyptian history can be divided into:
* Roman Period (30 A.C and 640 A.D.)
The History of Ancient Egypt as a nation begins with the unification of the cities who settled along the [[Nile river|Nile] around 3200 BC and lasted until the [[Ancient Rome|Roman Empire ]] finally ended his identity. When in 535 A.D. the worship of the goddess [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis ]] was banned in File Temple, Ancient Egypt already had practically lost their culture.
Are you going to visit Egypt? These are the best views in Egypt sorted by area:<br />
* [[Main pyramids of Ancient Egypt|The Pyramids]]
* Giza
* The Sphinx
* Thebes
==The [[Nile river|Nile Cruise==
* Temple of Edfu
* Temple of Kom Ombo

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