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Main egyptian pharaohs

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[[es: Principales faraones egipcios]]
[[fr:Des principales pharaons de l'Égypte]]
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In [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]] infinity of pharaohs reigned. The following list covers the main Egyptian pharaohs, but there were many more. Many are yet to be discovered. Manetho, Egyptian historian of the third century B.C. He divided pharaohs into thirty dynasties pharaohs. The pharaohs had various names: Name of Horus , throne name, birth name ... and there is actual knowledge of are various pharaohs listsknown, often incomplete or contradictory: the actual Real list of Abydos, the Real list of Saqqara, Palermo stone , the Royal Canon of Turin ...
= Pharaohs of the First Dynasty (about 3050 BC - 2850 BC) =
[[File: Abydos Koenigsliste 1-8.jpg | thumb | Ready Real of Avid 1-8]]
* '' 'Narmer or Menes.' '' (1) It is considered the first pharaoh of the [[Ancient Egypt]] who founded the first dynasty around the year 3150 BC Being originally . He come from Tinis and King of Upper Egypt and conquered the lands of the Delta [[The Nile river| Nile]] and assume it is assumed that founded Memphis establishing his capital there and he built there the Temple [[Egyptian god God Ptah | Ptah]]Temple. In the Narmer Palette which is preserved in the Egyptian Museum it was reflected written this victory.
[[File: Narmer Palette.jpg | thumb | Narmer Palette]]
* '' 'Aha' '' (2) was the son of Narmer and consolidated the unification of [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]]
* '' 'Dyer' '(3) [[Egyptian god God Horus | Horus]] who helps. He made conquests in the Sinai and in Canaan.
* '' 'Dyet' '' (4) Snake.
* '' 'Semerkhet' '' (7) The attentive friend.
* '' 'Kaa' '' (8) His arm is raised. The last pharaoh of the First Dynasty. His mortuary temple is in Saqqara and his tomb in Saqqara and Abydos.
= Pharaohs of the Second Dynasty (about 2850 BC - 2700 BC) =
* Snefru
* '' 'Cheops''' or '''Khufu' '' <iron> <1-Aa1: fw-2> </ iron> built the Great Pyramid of Giza
* Dedefré
* Kabbas
* Alejandro MagnoAlexander the Great
= Pharaohs of Dynasty XXXI =

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