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Main Egyptian Gods

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<seo title="Main Egyptian Gods - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Main,gods,egyptian" description="Main egyptian gods in Ancient Egypt"></seo>
In [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]] dozens of gods were worshiped. The following list covers the major Egyptian gods, but there were many hundreds more. It is estimated that more than 700 gods were worshiped in the [[Ancient Egypt]]. Each population worshiped a god, and the importance of each god resided in the importance of the city where he came from his cult. <br />
The Egyptian gods were represented by animal, human, or a mixture of both figures and were worshiped in the [[Main temples of ancient Ancient Egypt | temples]] where they had offerings. Worship in these [[Major Main temples of ancient Ancient Egypt | temples]] was reserved for priests, who were in charge of presenting the offerings and look for the God.<br /> God.
Egyptian gods surpassed the borders of the country [[The Nile | Nile]] and his cult appears occasionally in the Mediterranean, partly thanks to the spread of the gods produced after the conquest of [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]] by Alexander the Great and during the [[Ancient Rome | Roman Empire]]. <br />

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