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Main Egyptian Gods

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<seo title="Main Egyptian Gods - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Main,gods,egyptian" description="Main egyptian gods in Ancient Egypt"></seo>
In [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]] dozens of gods were worshiped. The following list covers the major Egyptian gods, but there were many hundreds more. It is estimated that more than 700 gods were worshiped in the [[Ancient Egypt]]. Each population village worshiped a god, and the importance of each god resided in the importance of the city where he came from his cultcome from. <br />
The Egyptian gods were represented by animal, human, or a mixture of both figures and were worshiped in the [[Main temples of Ancient Egypt|temples]] where they had offerings. Worship in these [[Main temples of Ancient Egypt|temples]] was reserved for priests, who were in charge of presenting the offerings and look for the God.<br />
Egyptian gods surpassed the borders of the country of [[Nile river|Nile]] and his cult appears occasionally in the Mediterranean, partly thanks to the spread of the gods produced after the conquest of [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]] by Alexander the Great and during the [[Ancient Rome|Roman Empire]]. <br />
* '''[[Egyptian god Ra|Ra]]'''
[[Egyptian god Ra|Ra]] was represented by: <hiero> r: a-N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> C2-N5 </hiero>
[[Egyptian god Ra|Ra]] was the Egyptian god of the sun and is often represented as a falcon crowned with a sun disk and this over it a snake. This is the chief god of the Egyptian pantheon, solar symbol, which gave life and guarantor of the Egyptian concept of death and resurrection. [[Egyptian god Ra|Ra To learn more about ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian god Amon|Amon]]'''
[[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]] was represented by: <hiero> -i-mn: n-C12 - </hiero>
He was worshiped in Thebes as the supreme creator and he ended up being assimilated to the god [[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]], being known as Amun-Ra. [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon| Find out more about Amon ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]]'''
[[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]] was represented by: <hiero>-G14*t</hiero> or also <hiero> G14-t: H8-B1 - </hiero>
Thebes She was the goddessof Thebes, goddess of the sky and wife of [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]]. She is represented by a vulture headdress and with the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Find out more about Mut ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian god Khonsu|Jonsu]]'''
* '''[[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> D4: Q1-A40 </hiero> or also <hiero>-.-E34:n:n-nfr-A40-</hiero> or also <hiero>-.-E34:n-nfr-A40-</hiero><br />
[[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]] presides over the court trying that judges people after his death. He was assassinated according to legend by his brother [[Egyptian God Seth|Seth]]. [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]] is the god of resurrection of [[Nile river|Nile]] and fertility. [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris To learn more about ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]]'''
It was represented by: <hiero> st-t: H8-B1 </hiero> or also <hiero>st-t:,:y-I12</hiero>
[[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] is the wife and sister of [[Egyptian god Osiris|Osiris]], goddess of magic was represented in human form surmounted by a throne. Its main temple is on the island of Philae. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Find out more about Isis ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian god Horus|Horus]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> G5-A40 </hiero> or also <hiero> G9-H-Hr: r </hiero>
[[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] is the son of [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] and [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]]. He was depicted as a falcon. Pharaoh is Pharaohs are the manifestation of [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] on Earth. [[Egyptian God Horus|Find out more about Horus ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian God Seth|Seth]]'''
* '''[[Egyptian God Anubis|Anubis]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> i-n: p-w-C6 </hiero>
[[Egyptian God Anubis|Anubis]] was responsible for leading the dead people to the divine court. He was the god of embalming and was represented with the head of a jackal or dog. [[Egyptian God Anubis|Find out more about Anubis ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian God Thoth|Tot]]'''
He was the god of writing, music and knowledge and was represented with the head of Ibis or baboon. [[Egyptian God Thoth|Find out more about Tot ...]]
* '' '[[Egyptian God Ptah|Ptah]]' ''
He was represented by: <hiero> Q3: V28-A40-X1 </hiero> or also <hiero> Q3: X1-V28 </hiero>
In the early days he was worshiped in Memphis as the creator of the universe. He is the god of artisans and architects. [[Egyptian God Ptah|Find out more about Path ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Nut|Nut]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero>-W24*t:N1-</hiero>
She was the goddess of the night and is represented in naked human form naked covering the earth as the sky. [[Egyptian Goddess Nut|Find out more about Nut ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Maat|Maat]]'''
* '''[[Egyptian God Sobek|Sobek]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> S29-D58-V31: I3 </hiero> or also <hiero> I4 </hiero>
It was the crocodile god, the god of fertility, [[The Nile|Nile]]. and water [[Egyptian god Sobek|Find out more about Sobek ...]]
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