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Main Egyptian Gods

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[[es:Principales dioses egipcios]]
[[fr:Les principaux dieux égyptiens]]
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{{ParatodalawikiSuperior}}In [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]] dozens of gods were worshiped. The following list covers the major Egyptian gods, but there were many hundreds more. It is estimated that more than 700 gods were worshiped in [[Ancient Egypt]]. Each village worshiped a god, and the importance of each god resided in the importance of the city where his cult come from. <br />
The Egyptian gods were represented by animal, human, or a mixture of both figures and were worshiped in the [[Main temples of Ancient Egypt|temples]] where they had offerings. Worship in these [[Main temples of Ancient Egypt|temples]] was reserved for priests, who were in charge of presenting the offerings and look for the God.<br /> Egyptian gods surpassed the borders of the country of [[Nile river]] and his cult appears occasionally in the Mediterranean, partly thanks to the spread of the gods produced after the conquest of [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt]] by Alexander the Great and during the [[Ancient Rome|Roman Empire]]. <br />  = List of the main Egyptian gods = * '''[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]]'''[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]] was represented by: <hiero> r: a-N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> C2-N5 </hiero>[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]] was the Egyptian god of the sun and is often represented as a falcon crowned with a sun disk and over it a snake. This is the chief god of the Egyptian pantheon, solar symbol, which gave life and guarantor of the Egyptian concept of death and resurrection. [[Egyptian God Ra|To learn more about Ra...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]]'''[[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]] was represented by: <hiero> -i-mn: n-C12 - </hiero>He was worshiped in Thebes as the supreme creator and he ended up being assimilated to the god [[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]], being known as Amun-Ra. [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon| Find out more about Amon ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]]'''[[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]] was represented by: <hiero>-G14*t</hiero> or also <hiero> G14-t: H8-B1 - </hiero>She was the goddess of Thebes, goddess of the sky and wife of [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]]. She is represented by a vulture headdress and with the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Find out more about Mut ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Khonsu|Jonsu]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> Aa1: n-M23-W-A40 </hiero>[[Egyptian God Khonsu|Jonsu]] was the god of the moon, and the son of [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]] and [[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]]. <br />He was depicted with a falcon head crowned with a crescent. He was the god of the sick, of medicine and protected from evil spirits. [[Egyptian God Khonsu|Find out more about Jonsu ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> D4: Q1-A40 </hiero> or also <hiero>-.-E34:n:n-nfr-A40-</hiero> or also <hiero>-.-E34:n-nfr-A40-</hiero><br />[[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]] presides over the court that judges people after his death. He was assassinated according to legend by his brother [[Egyptian God Seth|Seth]]. [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]] is the god of resurrection of [[Nile river|Nile]] and fertility. [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris To learn more about ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]]'''It was represented by: <hiero> st-t: H8-B1 </hiero> or also <hiero>st-t:,:y-I12</hiero>[[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] is the wife and sister of [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]], goddess of magic was represented in human form surmounted by a throne. Its main temple is on the island of Philae. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Find out more about Isis ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> G5-A40 </hiero> or also <hiero> G9-H-Hr: r </hiero>[[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] is the son of [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] and [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]]. He was depicted as a falcon. Pharaohs are the manifestation of [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] on Earth. [[Egyptian God Horus|Find out more about Horus ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Seth|Seth]]'''He was represented by: <hiero>sw-W-t:x-E20-A40</hiero>> or also <hiero> st: S </hiero> or also <hiero> z: t: X </hiero>He was the god of nomadic herders. He was depicted with the head of Greyhound. He was the god of evil and desert. [[Egyptian God Seth|To know more about Seth ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Hathor|Hathor]]'''It was represented by: <hiero> O7-D2: r-C9 </hiero> or also <hiero> O10 </hiero> or also <hiero> O6-X1: D2 </hiero>She was the goddess of upbringing, education, party and music, love and fertility. She was depicted as a cow. [[Egyptian Goddess Hathor|Learn more about Hathor ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Anubis|Anubis]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> i-n: p-w-C6 </hiero>[[Egyptian God Anubis|Anubis]] was responsible for leading dead people to the divine court. He was the god of embalming and was represented with the head of a jackal or dog. [[Egyptian God Anubis|Find out more about Anubis ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Thoth|Thoth]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> G26-t: Z4 </hiero> or also <hiero>d-H-w-t:Z4-R8</hiero> or also <hiero> G26:t*Z4</hiero>He was the god of writing, music and knowledge and was represented with the head of Ibis or baboon. [[Egyptian God Thoth|Find out more about Thoth ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Ptah|Ptah]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> Q3: V28-A40-X1 </hiero> or also <hiero> Q3: X1-V28 </hiero>In the early days he was worshiped in Memphis as the creator of the universe. He is the god of artisans and architects. [[Egyptian God Ptah|Find out more about Path ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Nut|Nut]]'''He was represented by: <hiero>-W24*t:N1-</hiero>She was the goddess of the night and is represented in naked human form covering the earth as the sky. [[Egyptian Goddess Nut|Find out more about Nut ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian Goddess Maat|Maat]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> H6 </hiero> or also <hiero> U5: D36-X1 </hiero> or also <hiero>U1-Aa11:X1</hiero>She was the goddess of justice and is represented crowned by an ostrich feather [[Egyptian Goddess Maat|Find out more about Maat ...]].------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Apis|Apis]]'''He was represented by: <hiero>V28-Aa5:Q3-E1</hiero> or also <hiero>G39</hiero> or also <hiero>Aa5:Q3-G43</hiero> or also: <hiero>Aa5:Q3</hiero>He was the god of agriculture and was represented by a bull. He was a native of Memphis. [[Egyptian God Apis|Find out more about Apis ...]]------------------------* '''[[Egyptian God Sobek|Sobek]]'''He was represented by: <hiero> S29-D58-V31: I3 </hiero> or also <hiero> I4 </hiero>It was the crocodile god, the god of fertility, [[Nile river|Nile]] and water [[Egyptian God Sobek|Find out more about Sobek ...]]------------------------<br /> {{ParatodalawikiEnmedio}}<br />
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