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Egyptian God Seth

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He was the god of nomadic herders. He was depicted with what is supposed to be the head of a greyhound. He was the god of evil and desert. <br />
Osiris [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]], [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] and [[Egyptian God Seth|Seth]] starring the most famous myth of Egyptian mythology. Legend has it that [[Egyptian god Seth|Seth]] killed Osiris to usurp his throne. He tore his body and distributed it in the corners of Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]], wife of Osiris, search and recover the remains of her husband, returning him to life to copulate with him and giving birth to their son: [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]]. When [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] grows and is an adult fighted [[Egyptian god Seth|Seth]] and defeated him.<br />
This myth appears repeatedly with different versions throughout the history of Egypt from the pyramid texts of the early dynasties to the most recent Ptolemaic temples. <br />

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