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Main Egyptian Gods

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* '''[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]]'''
[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]] was represented by: <hiero> r: a-N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> N5: Z1-C2 </hiero> or also <hiero> C2-N5 </hiero>
[[Egyptian God Ra|Ra]] was the Egyptian god of the sun and is often represented as a falcon crowned with a sun disk and over it a snake. This is the chief god of the Egyptian pantheon, solar symbol, which gave life and guarantor of the Egyptian concept of death and resurrection. [[Egyptian god God Ra|Ra To learn more about Ra...]]
* '''[[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]]'''
She was the goddess of Thebes, goddess of the sky and wife of [[Egyptian God Amun or Amon|Amon]]. She is represented by a vulture headdress and with the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Find out more about Mut ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian god God Khonsu|Jonsu]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> Aa1: n-M23-W-A40 </hiero>
[[Egyptian god God Khonsu|Jonsu]] was the god of the moon, and the son of [[Egyptian god Amon|Amon]] and [[Egyptian Goddess Mut|Mut]]. <br />
He was depicted with a falcon head crowned with a crescent. He was the god of the sick, of medicine and protected from evil spirits. [[Egyptian god Khonsu|Find out more about Jonsu ...]]
[[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] is the wife and sister of [[Egyptian god Osiris|Osiris]], goddess of magic was represented in human form surmounted by a throne. Its main temple is on the island of Philae. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Find out more about Isis ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian god God Horus|Horus]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> G5-A40 </hiero> or also <hiero> G9-H-Hr: r </hiero>
[[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] is the son of [[Egyptian Goddess Isis|Isis]] and [[Egyptian God Osiris|Osiris]]. He was depicted as a falcon. Pharaohs are the manifestation of [[Egyptian God Horus|Horus]] on Earth. [[Egyptian God Horus|Find out more about Horus ...]]
* '''[[Egyptian God Sobek|Sobek]]'''
He was represented by: <hiero> S29-D58-V31: I3 </hiero> or also <hiero> I4 </hiero>
It was the crocodile god, the god of fertility, [[The Nile|Nile]] and water [[Egyptian god God Sobek|Find out more about Sobek ...]]
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