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Ancient Mesopotamia

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[[es:Antigua Mesopotamia]]
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Talk of Talking about Mesopotamia means discovering countless cultures, kings, city-states and wars:* [[The Sumerians Sumer| Sumerians]]
* Acadians
* Amorites
Ancient Mesopotamia, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers was the cradle of civilization.
In ancient Mesopotamia there were many people, but can be divided into two groups whose relations between the two marked largely the [[History of Ancient Mesopotamia | history of the whole region of Mesopotamia]]: sedentary and nomadic.
* The first settlements were Umm, Eridu and the Obeid
* During the fourth and third millennia BC the [[The Sumerians Summer| Sumerians]] and developed Akkadian civilization developed their civilizations in Mesopotamia.* Centuries later the Assyrian Empire was one of the most fascinating in ancient history.
* The height of Mesopotamia was not only in the Assyrian and Babylonian empires. During the Arab time Mesopotamia was seat of the caliphate but thereafter began to decline.
Both , culture and technical advances were developed by the Mesopotamians and have transpired and influenced the current European and Western culture and are the origin of our thinking and living:
* Wheel.
* The first cities.
* Writing
= Sumeria Sumer=[[The Sumerians | SumeriaSumer]] can be considered as the oldest civilization in the world, in fact it is the first urban civilization known. Probably the Sumerian culture began to take shape in the city of Uruk subsequently spread throughout the rest of Lower Mesopotamia. In this city the wheel appeared around 3500 BC and writing appears appeared at around 3300 BC This latest development marks the transition between the [[Prehistory | Prehistory]] and History.The [[The Sumerians Sumer| Sumerian civilization]] made possible the transition between the urban centers of the Neolithic to the first cities with a complex organization.
=The Akkadian Empire = =
The Akkadian Empire begins thanks to the conquests of Sargon of Akkad the Great who was the first monarch capable of unifying Ancient Mesopotamia.

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