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Ancient Mesopotamia

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[[es:Antigua Mesopotamia]]
[[fr:L'ancienne Mésopotamie]]
<seo title="Ancient Mesopotamia - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Ancient,Mesopotamia,history,humanity" description="A summary of everything related to the fascinating Ancient Mesopotamia"></seo>
Talking about Mesopotamia means discovering countless cultures, kings, city-states and wars:
* The first settlements were Umm, Eridu and the Obeid
* During the fourth and third millennia BC the [[SummerSumer|Sumerians]] and Akkadian developed their civilizations in Mesopotamia.
* Centuries later the Assyrian Empire was one of the most fascinating in ancient history.
* The height of Mesopotamia was not only in the Assyrian and Babylonian empires. During the Arab time Mesopotamia was seat of the caliphate but thereafter began to decline.
The Akkadian Empire begins thanks to the conquests of Sargon of Akkad the Great who was the first monarch capable of unifying Ancient Mesopotamia.
= Hammurabi =After a dark period resurfaced Sumerian dynasties and after them the Amorites. Would soon Soon begin the Babylonian Empire, with the coming to power of Hammurabi in Babylon.
= Assyrians =
After a period marked by the conquests of the Hittites, the Assyrian culture developed in the region of ancient Mesopotamia between 1800 and 600 aJ They were known for their fighting capacity and great cruelty to the enemy defeated.
= Persian Invasion =Babylon ends defeating the Assyrian and Chaldean empire develops until Persia with Cyrus the Great conquered all of Mesopotamia.
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