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History of Ancient Mesopotamia

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<seo title="History of Ancient Mesopotamia - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Ancient,Mesopotamia,history,humanity" description="The History of Ancient Mesopotamia: the evolution from prehistoric times to the Persian conquest and the Chaldean Empire."></seo>
The history of [[Ancient Mesopotamia]]: the evolution from [[Prehistory | Prehistory]] until the Persian conquest of the Chaldean Empire.

* (10000 BC / 8000 BC) is the time of the Natufian culture that stretched from the Euphrates to [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]].

Neolithic == ==
* (8000 BC) [[Neolithic]] begins to show in Mesopotamia with the earliest evidence of agriculture and livestock.
* (6000 and 5000 BC.) Livestock and agriculture are fully consolidated in Mesopotamia and the first cities. It is the time of Umm culture, and Hassuna, Samarra and Halaf culture cultures.
* (5000 and 3700 BC) Eridu culture develops over the years and began the Ubaid period.

For further information see: [[The Neolithic in Mesopotamia]]

== == Historical Period
* (3500 BC / 2800 BC) Upgrade Uruk, denominating this time as Uruk period. The wheel was invented and about 3300 B.C. He began cuneiform used. History starts in the region of [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Ancient Mesopotamia]], while the rest of the world was still in the [[Prehistory | Prehistory]]. And culture of [[The Sumerians | Sumerians]] is distinguished, with city-states as Uruk and Ur.
* (2800 BC) period begins [[The Sumerians | Sumerian]] and called Dynastic Archaic and historical development and splendor of the Sumerian cities in southern [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]].
* (2350 BC.) Start the Akkadian empire.
* (2100 BC.) Resurgence of the [[The Sumerians | Sumerians]].
* (2000 BC.) Rise of the Amorites
* (. 1792 BC) Hammurabi in Babylon takes power and begins its expansion [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]] and its surroundings.
* (1595 BC.) Babylon was conquered by the Hittites.
* (1360 BC.) Rise of the Assyrian empire.
* (612 BC.) Babylonian conquest of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Starts called Chaldean Empire.
* (538 BC.) Persia Cyrus the Great to conquer Babylon and head ends the Chaldean empire.

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