History of Ancient Mesopotamia

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[[es:Historia de la Antigua Mesopotamia]]
<seo title="History of Ancient Mesopotamia - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Ancient,Mesopotamia,history,humanity" description="The History of Ancient Mesopotamia: the evolution from prehistoric times to the Persian conquest and the Chaldean Empire."></seo>
The history of [[Ancient Mesopotamia]]: the evolution from [[Prehistory | Prehistory]] until the Persian conquest of the Chaldean Empire.
* (10000 BC / 8000 BC) is the time of the Natufian culture that stretched from the Euphrates to [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]].
Neolithic == Neolithic==
* (8000 BC) [[Neolithic]] begins to show in Mesopotamia with the earliest evidence of agriculture and livestock.
* (6000 and 5000 BC.) Livestock and agriculture are fully consolidated in Mesopotamia and the first cities. It is the time of Umm culture, and Hassuna, Samarra and Halaf culture cultures.
For further information see: [[The Neolithic in Mesopotamia]]
== == Historical Period==* (3500 BC / 2800 BC) Upgrade Uruk, denominating this time as Uruk period. The wheel was invented and about 3300 B.C. He began cuneiform used. History starts in the region of [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Ancient Mesopotamia]], while the rest of the world was still in the [[Prehistory | Prehistory]]. And culture of [[The Sumerians Sumer| Sumerians]] is distinguished, with city-states as Uruk and Ur.* (2800 BC) period begins [[The Sumerians Sumer| Sumerian]] and called Dynastic Archaic and historical development and splendor of the Sumerian cities in southern [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]].
* (2350 BC.) Start the Akkadian empire.
* (2100 BC.) Resurgence of the [[The Sumerians Sumer| Sumerians]].
* (2000 BC.) Rise of the Amorites
* (. 1792 BC) Hammurabi in Babylon takes power and begins its expansion [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]] and its surroundings.
* (1595 BC.) Babylon was conquered by the Hittites.
* (1360 BC.) Rise of the Assyrian empire.