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History of Ancient Mesopotamia

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==Historical Period==
* (3500 BC / 2800 BC) Upgrade Appears Uruk, denominating this time as Uruk period. The wheel was invented and about 3300 B.C. He began cuneiform Cuneiform writting bagan to be used. History starts in the region of [[Ancient Mesopotamia|Ancient Mesopotamia]], while the rest of the world was still in the [[Prehistory|Prehistory]]. And culture of [[Sumer|Sumerians]] is distinguished, with city-states as Uruk and Ur.* (2800 BC) period begins [[Sumer|Sumerian]] period begins. It is for the first time historical and was called Dynastic Archaic and historical started the development and splendor of the Sumerian cities in southern [[Ancient Mesopotamia|Mesopotamia]].* (2350 BC.) Start the The Akkadian empirestarts.
* (2100 BC.) Resurgence of the [[Sumer|Sumerians]].
* (2000 BC.) Rise of the Amorites
* (1792 BC) Hammurabi in Babylon takes power and begins its expansion by [[Ancient Mesopotamia|Mesopotamia]] and its surroundings.
* (1595 BC.) Babylon was conquered by the Hittites.
* (1360 BC.) Rise of the Assyrian empire.
* (612 BC.) Babylonian conquest of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire. Starts called Chaldean Empire.* (538 BC.) Persia with Cyrus the Great to conquer conquered Babylon and head ends the Chaldean empireends.
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