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Israel and the Jewish people, Judaism

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<categorytree>Israel and the Jewish people, Judaism</categorytree>
[[es:Israel y el pueblo hebreo, el judaísmo]]
[[fr:Israël et le peuple juif, le judaïsme]]
<seo title="Israel and the Jewish people, Judaism - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Judaism,Israel,Jewish,people"
description="Judaism, Israel, the Jews as a people have survived for thousands of years, from prehistory to the present day"></seo>
=Origins and History = =The Old Testament tells the story of Israel. So just archaeological Archaeological remains are not preserved, so most of our knowledge of the Hebrew people comes from the Bible itself. <br />According to the Bible, the Jewish people are descendants of Abraham, pastor who lived in [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]]. God, Yahweh , promises Abraham many descendants, the Jewish people. It would will be the chosen people. A change must They should recognize Yahweh as the only Lord God and respect His Law, the Torah, a huge set of both religious rules as for everyday. <br />Another of the great characters in the history of the Jewish people was Moses who led the people through the wilderness of SanaiSinai, freeing from Egypt and showing the promised land. <br />About the X century B.C. Israel maintained a prosperous and independent state with kings David and Solomon. But soon there were great empires underwent Israel: the Assyrians, Babylonians, Alexander and [[Ancient Rome | Rome]]. Under the yoke of these empires were the prophets who managed to keep the Jewish people are faithful to God despite living under. <br />
Synagogues where the Jews had gathered to pray and rabbis commented sacred texts, but the only place of worship was the Temple of Jerusalem.

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