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Minoan civilization

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[[enes:Minoan civilizationCivilización Minoica]]
<seo title="Civilización Minoica Minoan civilization - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="MinoicaMinoan,civilizacióncivilization,historia,faraones,templos,dioseshistory" description="La civilización Minoica junto con la Micénica fueron la primera civilización conocida en territorio griegoThe Minoan civilization with the Mycenaean civilization was the first known in Greek territory"></seo>
[[File:Knossos bull.jpg|thumb|Knossos bull]]
The Minoan civilization dates back to about the year 2600 BC environment . It is located on the island of Crete. It lasted until 1700 B.C. or 1600 B.C. why not being clearwhy did it disappear. One theory is that a large eruption of Thera (Santorini) was the cause. Others want to identify the Atlantic Atlantis with the Minoan civilization. The truth is that the Mycenaean eventually occupy occupied the island at around 1600 BC <br />
The main Minoan cities were Knossos, Phaistos and Hagia Triada. These cities have no walls but have some great palaces decorated with frescoes. The best preserved is the Palace of Knossos. <br />
The burials were held in caves but also in large vats where the bodies were introduced. <br />
Beautiful objects have Have been found beautiful decorated ceramiccerami objects, copper and bronze and many other imported from [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]]. It is assumed that the island of Crete was an obligatory port on a trade route linking the Middle East and the rest of Europe. <br />The Minoans had a script that has not yet been deciphered and that at first it was hieroglyphic and later evolved into the so-called Linear A and Linear B.
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