Visigoth kingdoms of Toulouse and Toledo

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The Visigoths were a Germanic people (the western branch of the Goths) who initially settled outside the boundaries of the Roman Empire, in the area of ​​modern Ukraine. They occupied Dacia (Romania), north of the Danube, which had been abandoned by Rome. They entered the Roman Empire, south of the Danube because of the pressure of the Huns and with the consent of Rome. They revealed the Roman Empire came to control the Balkans, Greece and sacked Rome for the first time in history. And transported to Gaul where they founded the kingdom Visigoth of Toulouse that begins around the year 410 and was more or less dependent on Rome until the final fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476. It continued its independent existence until about 511 in which he was defeated by the Franks.

The Visigoths were forced to retreat to Hispania leading the Visigoth Kingdom of Toledo which exist until 711, year in which the Muslims begin their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Visigoths used the brass as a language but initially were Arianism, a heresy to Christians and established different laws for Visigoths (Code of Eurico) and other than (Code Alaric II) for Hispano and Gallo-Roman. Eventually they accepted the conversion to Catholicism of King Recaredo I and the Chindasvinto Recesvinto kings and common law was created: the Law I judge, definitely eliminated the difference between them and other subjects.  

Chronology, list of kings and Visigoths main facts

Before the Visigothic kingdom of Toulouse Reyes

  • Ariarico 257-300. It was the first Visigoth king. He held the first contacts between the Visigoths and Romans. They were still outside the boundaries of the Empire.
  • Aorico 300-330. It was the second Visigoth king.
  • Geberic 330-350. He conquered Dacia north of the Danube (now Romania)
  • Alavivo 350-376. He crossed the Danube with 200,000 Visigoths and settled within the boundaries of the Roman Empire as a federated Empire.
  • Fritigerno 376-380. He defeated and killed the Eastern Roman Emperor Valens in the Battle of Adrianople. He controlled the Balkans and Greece.
  • Athanaric 380-381. He made peace with Theodosius I
  • I. 395-410 Alaric marched on the Italian peninsula and sacked Rome. It was the first sack of Rome.

Reyes Tolosa United Arian

  • 410-415 Ataúlfo Gaul Moves to beginning the organization of the Visigoth state and reaches Barcino (Barcelona) where he died.
  • 415 Sigerico. It lasted seven days, victim of conspiracies succession.
  • 415-418 Walia. Sets the capital in Tolosa (Toulouse) treaty establishing a dependency of Rome. In Hispania expels Vandals and Alans, but finely sits in Aquitaine (South West France) bound for Rome.
  • 418-451 Theodoric I. tried unsuccessfully to extend their domains by the French Mediterranean coast. He successfully confronted Attila the Hun but died in battle.
  • Turismundo 451-453. He was the first to claim an independent Visigothic kingdom of Rome.
  • 453-466. Teodorico II returned to ally with Rome and fought on all fronts.
  • 466-484. Eurico. With the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire in 476 he achieved the definite independence. the Visigoths became the most powerful kingdom with domains in Gaul and Spain.
  • 484-507 Alaric II. He died and was facing the Franks defeated ..

United Arian Narbonne == ==

  • Gesaleico 507-511. Tolosa leaves and moves to Narbonne, but also loses to the Franks. He moved to Barcelona.
  • 511-526 Theodoric. the Great (ostrogodo, ruler of Amalric) :.
  • 526-531 Amalric.

Toledo United Arian == ==

  • Teudis 531-548. He moved the capital of the kingdom of Toledo.
  • 548-549 Teudiselo
  • 549-551 Agila I
  • Atanagildo 551-567. He settled in Toledo.
  • 567-572 Liuva I
  • 572-586 Leovigildo

== == Catholic Kingdom of Toledo

  • 586-601 Recaredo I
  • 601-603 Liuva II
  • 603-610 Witerico
  • 610-612 Gundemaro
  • 612-621 Sisebuto
  • 621 Recaredo II
  • 621-631 Suintila
  • 631-636 Sisenando
  • 636-639 Chintila
  • 639-642 Tulga
  • 642-653 Chindasvinto
  • 653-672 Recesvinto
  • 672-680 Wamba
  • 680-687 Ervigio
  • 687-700 Égica
  • 700-710 Witiza
  • 710-711 Rodrigo

Last kings == ==

  • 710-714 Agila II (reigned in Tarraconense and Septimania).
  • Ardón 714-720 (reigned in Septimania).
  • 713-743 Teodomiro (reigned in United Tudmir).
  • Atanagildo 743-779 (reigned in United Tudmir).