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The Crusades were up eight military campaigns during medieval whose main objective was to get Christian control of the Holy Land by the European Christian kingdoms.

  • 'First Crusade' '(1096 -1099) was the first and only Crusade won militarily, but it was very bloody change.

In 1905 the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenus had requested military aid to the papacy to fight the Turks. On November 7, 1905 during the Council in the French town of Clermont Pope Urban II called for the Christian world recovered by arms control Jerusalem. It was the beginning of the First Crusade. The crusaders from Europe met in Constantinople, moving from there to the East. The main battles were:
- The siege of Nicea
- Battle of Dorylaeum
- Site Antioquia
- Siege of Jerusalem
- Battle of Ascalon
In addition to the conquest of Jerusalem the main consequence of the First Crusade was the emergence of the Latin states in the Middle East

  • 'Second Crusade' '(1147-1149) A large military failure.
  • 'Third Crusade' '(1189 - 1192)
  • 'Fourth Crusade' '(1202 - 1204)
  • 'Fifth Crusade' '(1217 - 1221)
  • 'Sixth Crusade' '(1228)
  • 'Seventh Crusade' '(1248 - 1254)
  • 'Eighth Crusade' '(1268 - 1269)