Kingdom of Aragon

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The Kingdom of Aragon appears in 1035 with the union of the counties of Aragon, Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, and later became part of the Crown of Aragon until in 1707 lost its identity with Decrees of New Plant.

Ramiro I of Aragon (1100-1145)

He was the first king Ramiro I, son of Sancho III of Navarre. Ramiro I unified under him County of Aragon, Sobrarbe County and County of Ribagorza creating the kingdom, but it was not until his son Sancho Ramirez (Sancho I) offered allegiance to the Pope Alexander II when the Kingdom of Aragon won under the Holy See and the official recognition as a kingdom. Sancho was also chosen by the king of Navarre Navarre so temporarily united both crowns.

The successors to the throne, Pedro I and Alfonso I extended the borders of the kingdom conquered Huesca and Saraqusta respectively (Zaragoza).

After the death of Alfonso I chose childless king of Navarre Garcia Ramirez, while the Aragonese chose Alfonso's brother Ramiro II the Monk. Both kingdoms were definitely separated.

Ramiro II agreed to the marriage of his daughter, Petronila of Aragon and Ramón Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona. The consequence was that the son of this marriage, Alfonso II of Aragon inherited both territories. From that time to all territories under the power of the King of Aragon he was known as the Crown of Aragon.

List of the Kings of Aragon

  • Ramiro I (1035-1063)
  • Sancho Ramirez (1063-1094)
  • Pedro I (1094-1104)
  • Alfonso I Fighting (1104-1134)
  • Ramiro II, the Monk (1134-1157)
  • Petronila I (1157-1164)
  • Alfonso II, the Chaste (1164-1196)
  • Pedro II, the Catholic (1196-1213)
  • Jaime I, the Conqueror (1213-1276)
  • Peddro III, the Great (1276-1285)
  • Alfonso III, the Franco (1285-1291)
  • James II, the Just (1291-1327)
  • Alfonso IV, Benigno (1327-1336)
  • Peter IV, the Ceremonious (1336-1387)
  • John I the Hunter (1387-1396)
  • Martin I the Human (1396-1410)
  • Interregnum period ending in the Commitment of Caspe (1410 1412)
  • Fernando I, of Antequera (1412-1416)
  • Alfonso V, the Magnanimous (1416-1458)
  • Juan II, the Great (1458-1479) at war with Pedro de Portugal and Renatode Anjou
  • Fernando II the Catholic (1479-1516)

From this time binding occurs with the Crown of Castile creating the Spanish monarchy.