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Paleolithic human fossils

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The human fossil record is a real puzzle proving very difficult to define what species descended from which and how they relate to each other.

For a species to be human considered normally take into account that is bipedal, can walk on two legs, so that your hands are free and able to make [[instruments or tools made by man during the Paleolithic | tools ]]. A species considered "human" are called gender "Homo". to distinguish them from other species belonging to the Hominids on the discussion about whether we should consider human is open.

Some of the major fossil of human evolution during [[The Palaeolithic in the Quaternary and Pleistocene | Paleolithic]] belong to the following species:
[[File: Homo antecessor.jpg | thumb | Homo antecessor]]
* Australopithecus Garhi <br />
* Australopithecus africanus <br />
* Australopithecus sediba <br />
* Paranthropus aethiopicus <br />
* Paranthropus boisei <br />
* Paranthropus robustus <br />
* Homo Rudolfensins <br />
* Homo habilis <br />
* Homo ergaster <br />
* Denisovan <br />
* Homo georgicus <br />
* Homo Erectus <br />
* Homo antecessor <br />
* Homo rhodesiensis <br />
* Homo heidelbergensis <br />
* Homo neanderthalensis <br />
* Homo Sapiens <br />

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