Iron Age

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Description = "In the Iron Age men mankind discovered the qualities of iron and applied it to weapons and tools" ></seo>
[[File:Cogotas-II (empuñadura de espada)-Segunda Edad del Hierro.jpg|thumb|Cogotas-II (sword hilt) -Second Iron Age]]
The abundance of iron, its best properties and the fact that it was much cheaper than bronze extended its use. The introduction of this new technology in various regions of the world was progressive.
Between 3000 B.C. and 2000 B.C. a large number of objects made of cast iron in Anatolia, Egypt, iron [[Ancient Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia]] appears, Indus ... During this time the iron is used for ceremonial purposes and it is a very expensive metal <br />.The Hittites were the first to master the metallurgy of iron on the XIV century BC and from the twelfth XII century B.C. its use is widespread.
While in the Middle East the use of iron appears in historical times and it does not so in Europe that still remains in the [[Prehistory | Prehistory]] leading to the cultures of Hallstatt in Austria and La Tene in Switzerland.
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