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Main egyptian pharaohs

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= Pharaohs of the First Dynasty (about 3050 BC - 2850 BC) =
[[File: Abydos Koenigsliste 1-8.jpg | thumb | Ready Real of Avid 1-8]]
* '' 'Narmer or Menes.' '' (1) It is considered the first pharaoh of the [[Ancient Egypt]] who founded the first dynasty around the year 3150 BC Being originally . He come from Tinis and King of Upper Egypt and conquered the lands of the Delta [[Nile river|Nile]] and assume it is assumed that founded Memphis establishing his capital there and he built there the Temple [[Egyptian god God Ptah | Ptah]]Temple. In the Narmer Palette which is preserved in the Egyptian Museum it was reflected written this victory.
[[File: Narmer Palette.jpg | thumb | Narmer Palette]]
* '' 'Aha' '' (2) was the son of Narmer and consolidated the unification of [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]]
* '' 'Dyer' '(3) [[Egyptian god Horus | Horus]] who helps. He made conquests in the Sinai and in Canaan.

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