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Nile river

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<seo title="Nile river - Marenostrum" titlemode="replace" keywords="Nile,river,egyptian" description="The Nile River and its role in Egypt"></seo>
There is currently no consensus on whether the Nile is the longest river in the world, with an estimated length of approximately 6650 km. Recent studies aim claim to change location of the place hitherto regarded as of the birth of the Amazon so that Amazon would be correct to regard the longest river.
But the Nile is famous not for its length but that because it was the key that allowed the [[Ancient Egypt ]] become the most advanced civilization on earth for over 2000 years. The use of water resources provided Nile gave [[Ancient Egypt|Egypt ]] a competitive advantage over other peoples.
The Nile gave [[Ancient Egypt |Egypt]] a narrow but fertile and long strip of about 60 km wide and 1200 km long which was further protected by the desert of SanaraSahara. Around the river early settlers who abandoned the nomadic life during the Pleistocene settled. The economy became dependent on periodic flooding of the Nile, that fertilized farmland, marking three seasons: the Nile flood, planting and harvesting.

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