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Egyptian God Horus

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[[File:PotterySherdWithNameOfSemerkhet-PetrieMuseum-August21-08.jpg|thumb|Semerkhet's Horus name]]
[[File:Egypt.Edfu.Temple.01.jpg|thumb|Horus in Edfu temple]]
He was represented by: <ironhiero> G5-A40 </ ironhiero> or also <ironhiero> G9-H-Hr: r </ ironhiero>
Horus is the son of [[Egyptian goddess Isis | Isis]] and [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]]. He was depicted as a hawk or as a man with a falcon head. Wearing the double crown of [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]] on the head.
Horus is one of the most ancient Egyptian deities. Now he is worshiped in predynastic times and is part of the myth of [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]]: [[Egyptian god Seth | Seth]] killed [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]] to usurp his throne. He tore his body and distributed in the corners of Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis | Isis]], wife of [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]], search and recover the remains of her husband, returning to life to copulate with him and giving birth to their son Horus. When Horus grows and becomes adult fighting [[Egyptian god Seth | Seth]] for the throne of Egypt <br /> defeating.
= The name of Horus =
From the earliest times the pharaohs were the manifestation of Horus on earth. The pharaohs of the First Dynasty were titled with the name of Horus. It was a vertical inscription starting with a falcon (Horus) perched on a serekh <ironhiero> O33 </ ironhiero> that seems to represent the facade of a palace and into which the name of the pharaoh was written. <br /> [[Main Egyptian Gods|View all Egyptian gods...]] <br />
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