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Egyptian God Horus

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[[File:Egypt.Edfu.Temple.01.jpg|thumb|Horus in Edfu temple]]
He was represented by: <hiero>G5-A40</hiero> or also <hiero>G9-H-Hr:r</hiero>
Horus is the son of [[Egyptian goddess Isis | Isis]] and [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]]. He was depicted as a hawk or as a man with a falcon head. Wearing and wearing the double crown of [[Ancient Egypt | Egypt]] on the head.Horus is one of the most ancient Egyptian deities. Now he is He was already worshiped in predynastic times and is part of the myth of [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]]: [[Egyptian god Seth | Seth]] killed [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]] to usurp his throne. He tore his body and distributed it in the corners of Egypt. [[Egyptian Goddess Isis | Isissis]], wife of [[Egyptian god Osiris | Osiris]], search and recover the remains of her husband, returning him to life to copulate with him and giving birth to their son Horus. When Horus grows and becomes adult fighting fights against [[Egyptian god Seth | Seth]] for the throne of Egypt defeating him.<br /> defeating.
This myth appears repeatedly with different versions throughout the history of Egypt from the pyramid texts of the early dynasties to the most recent Ptolemaic temples. <br /> <br />

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