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[[es:El Islam]]
[[File:Islam symbol plane2 green.png|thumb|Islam]]
It is understood by Islam to civilization following the religion preached by the Prophet Muhammad and geographically stretches from Morocco to Indonesia, with strong presence in much of black Africa. <br />
Islam is not a new religion but the restoration of the original faith of Adam and Abraham. Islam means submission.
= Muhammad =
= The expansion of Islam and the establishment of the Caliphate =
[[File: Map of expansion of Caliphate.svg | thumb | Islamic Empire. The Caliphate in 750]]
Muhammad died in 632 when the whole Arabian Peninsula was Islamized. Subsequent leaders Khalifa meaning "successor" is called. It was a religious leader, but also political and military. <br />
Then it began a dramatic expansion that took 750 domains of the caliphate:

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