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This website is a personal project that aims to summarize history in a simple and accessible way. It is written for someone like you who is not historian but wants to know the past. Simple and understandable language explains the main features of each era. Please visit our [[Sitemap]]<br />
We will begin with a review of [[Prehistory]], with the [[Paleolithic]], [[Mesolithic]] and [[Neolithic]], following with the [[Metal Age]]. It will be the time to start the [[History]] with the great civilizations in [[Ancient Mesopotamia]] and [[Ancient Egypt]]. We will begin to approach to our culture with [[Ancient Greece ]] and [[Ancient Rome]]. We will conclude with the [[Middle Ages]], the [[Early Modern Age ]] and the Contemporary [[Late Modern Age]].
If you would like to read an article that you can not find ... we accept suggestions ... you just have to contact us and we will try to upload it as soon as possible.

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